Be Inspired

Grey Wood

An interior trend
that is both modern
and timeless.

Its natural serenity adds a level of sophistication and beautiful elegance to any room, whilst its neutral, versatile tones make it the perfect choice across a variety of interior styles.

Mid Wood

Tones flow seamlessly across the contemporary and traditional aesthetic; from vibrant pines to soft elms and country oaks.

They provide a balanced, designed
look and due to their versatility,
work as wonderfully in living and
bedroom areas as they do in kitchens,
bathrooms, offices and hallways.

Warm Wood

From the deepest mahogany oak,
the richest pine to the warm tones
of selected ash colours, the warm
wood collection is perfect for those
who prefer the darker, more indulgent
tones for their flooring choice. With
more of a traditional aesthetic, these
selections look best when juxtaposed
with neutral and modern d├ęcor and
statement design furnishings.

Light Stone

From crisp, pristine
whites through calming
neutrals to pale greys.

This collection of light stone delivers a tranquil
air to your home, perfect for bathrooms to
indulge in, modern kitchens to entertain in
or inviting hallways to welcome guests. Their
sense of airiness helps flood your home with
light and adds the feeling of space.

Dark Stone

Nothing says designer
flooring more than a dark
stone and you can emulate
that look with this collection
of rich stone effect LVT.

From deep greys through to the richest
of blacks, these stone effect tiles have
the ability to make guests stop and
take notice, they command attention
and emit indulgence and luxury.