Compared with wood or laminate flooring, LVT is completely water resistant with no swelling or distortion making it the perfect choice for all areas of the home.

With its anti-bacterial properties, LVT is the ideal floor for kitchens, bathrooms and playrooms where spills can be easily wiped away.
Our LVT is warmer and quieter than its natural counterpart. All our ranges are perfectly suited for submerged water based underfloor heating systems with a maximum surface temperature of 85 degrees F/29 degrees C.
Our strategy concentrates on developing and engineering human-inspired and trend-focused products that add to quality of life. Our entire LVT collection is both FloorScore® and DIBt certified for superior indoor air quality, whilst also being free from harmful plasticisers and heavy metals. Our LVT creates an aesthetically pleasing, contemporary yet timeless environment that is both comfortable and future proof.
Our LVT ranges are hygienic and easy to maintain, unlike carpet and other flooring types they don’t hold dust, dirt, pollen or other allergens. The double coated PUR surface treatment protects your floor by minimising dirt adhesion, making regular cleaning easier and reducing the need for specialist products and equipment. To care for your floor simply brush, vacuum or damp mop the area.
Award winning wood and stone finishes available across a natural and modern colour pallet. High resolution imaging presents a realistic visual combined with a textured surface for the ultimate real feel.

The Harmony and Parquet ranges expand your creative options with feature strips and varied installation patterns to give incredible freedom in design.

Our patented C-EIR technology has bas expertly developed to ensure your laid floor has no unsightly pattern repeat.