As part of the LG global corporation, LG Hausys principle strengths are founded in design, technology, innovation and quality. For over 60 years we’ve been developing and producing high performance flooring using the latest advanced manufacturing techniques, creating 5 ranges of human friendly and eco-conscious luxury vinyl tiles.

Whether you’re looking for a floor to grace your home, professional space or commercial environment, we’re certain we have the perfect selection for your requirements, engineered with precision.

LG Hausys:

The LG group is world-renowned for its production of electronics yet little knowledge of its beginnings in plastic manufacturing, especially that of homeware and more specifically vinyl flooring 60 years ago in 1958. Nowadays, the LG Hausys brand is responsible for a wide range of interior materials including windows, flooring, wall covering and surfaces. To find out more about the global group click here.

Seal of Approval:

Our red dot acts as a stamp of authentication on each of our products and as such, you can be assured of utmost care, stringent quality control and eco-conscious commitments expected from the global group. All LG Hausys flooring is manufactured in our own facilities, ensuring that our market-leading dedication to design creates the epitome of world-class luxury vinyl flooring.

Dedicated Local Expertise:

LG Hausys is one of the world’s largest flooring manufacturers with the knowledge and the practice in varied technologies and design requirements. However, these bespoke collections have been hand-selected by a dedicated and personal UK team with local, market specific knowledge. This affiliation creates an offering that combines global commitment with valuable local expertise.